Gin Mare

1480385546_flag_of_spain  GIN MARE  42,7°

Gin Mare is produced in a small fishing village on the Costa Dorada in Spain using botanicals all sourced within the Mediterranean area. Alongside traditional botanicals juniper, bitter orange peel, Seville orange peel, lemon peel, cardamom, and coriander seed there are four that are not quite so common; Arbequina olives, basil, rosemary and thyme. All the botanicals except the citrus are macerated individually for 24-36hrs in neutral grain alcohol, before being distilled in a copper pot still, again individually. The three citrus botanicals are macerated as fresh peels in neutral grain alcohol for a whopping 300 days before distillation. It’s not until all the botanicals have been distilled individually that they finally get to meet one another in the blending process.

The four ‘Mediterranean’ botanicals are evident immediately upon nosing this gin, with the rosemary in particular standing out. However, the juniper is still playing a starring role and is complemented rather than dominated by the other botanicals. There is a lightness created by the citrus and basil with a savoury olive undertone that brings back memories of hot holidays abroad. The savoury, herbal elements are immediately evident when tasting neat, with the rosemary again taking centre stage alongside the classic juniper backbone