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At the beginning of the 20th century, as excavation works were taking place in the Alsace region, a site with antique valuables was found. Amongst them, there was a gold pot still. After these objects were proved not to have any historical value, they were put on sale.

One of the buyers was an amateur distiller, a man who immediately fell in love with the gold pot still and acquired it. This man had spent years of his life looking for the perfect spirit, the perfect distillation, an elixir as valuable as the material the golden pot still he had just bought was made of.

He finally created a gin with tangerine reminiscences and a delicate memory of vanilla and almonds. He named this special spirit Gold 999,9 as he considered it  to be his liquid gold, the purest one.

It was this way that this special gin was born. A gin dissimilar to any other and the only one distilled in a gold pot still.

The owner of the objects found in the site is believed to have buried them by the end of the 19th century, during the Franco-Prussian War in an attempt to save them from the spoils of war, when the regions of Alsace and Lorena fell into the hands of the German Reich. After that, there is no proof that he ever tried to recover the valuables he buried and there are no records on his whereabouts.

Nowadays, Gold Gin is still made in a small distillery located amongst the borders of Germany, France and Switzerland in a small village in Alsace. Part of the recipe is still a secret, but we know that it is made as it was one century ago.

Unlike other gins, the base alcohol is obtained in the distillery in which the whole process takes place. After obtaining this base alcohol in the first distillation, two distillations more take place in order to refine its quality and finally a distillation and infusion with the different botanicals takes place to create Gin Gold. The whole process takes place in pot stills that have been part of the distillery for centuries and part of the process is still made in the gold pot still that inspired this small-batch distilled gin handcrafted and lovingly created to obtain the perfect product in each distillation.


Apart from juniper, other botanicals blend together to result in this unique and dissimilar spirit named Gold 999.9: tangerine, almonds, ginger, violet flowers, coriander, angelica root, cassia bark, gentian violet, poppy, vanilla.


Gold is a complex gin in which resin (juniper), citric (tangerine), fresh flowers (violet flowers, gentian violet and poppies), spicy (ginger, coriander) and balsamic aromas (almonds and vanilla) live together and blend with Angelica root to balance. 
A delicate hint of juniper in the bottom through which tangerine and fresh flowers notes emerge powerfully to balance a nice end of almonds and vanilla, thus making Gold an authentic adventure for the most expert and curious palates.


Always looking for balance, the best way to appreciate all the hints offered by this singular gin  is to combine it with acid elements – no citric – and empower the juniper with berries.

Perfect Serve: green acid apple and original tonic water balance the sweetness and citrics of tangerine.