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New Year 2013. Three friends on Ibiza are celebrating and enjoying good food and – naturally – gin and tonic, for all three are passionate gin enthusiasts.

Besides their enthusiasm for fine drinks, the three share a love of Ibiza, and on that New Year’s evening too, the conversation – as so often – turned to the small island. It’s a shame, thought Luna, Alexander and Wolfgang, that the island’s worldwide renown is limited to its music, nightlife and beaches. There is so much more to the magic of Ibiza! Dense pine forests, groves of orange and lemon trees on fertile, red earth. Meadows of spring flowers, wild herbs and juniper bushes as far as the eye can see…


An idea is born, and a period of experimentation begins. Month after month, through endless nights, together Luna, Alexander and Wolfgang work away at the ideal recipe for a gin that will meet their demanding expectations. It should be fresh, with pronounced citrus notes, a dry base and rich body.

Law is a premium quality gin of the “London Dry” category. All natural ingredients, careful distillation on the basis of pure wheat alcohol. In the manufacturing, they produce only small quantities, of just a few hundred bottles per batch, because we are convinced that this is the only way that we can ensure the highest quality.


Juniper, fresh lemon and orange peel, prickly pear, pimientos de padron and  salines of Ibiza (Law Gin is refined by distillation of salt from Ibiza’s famous salt works).