Hoegaarden (5%)

Talking about white beer, Hoegaarden is synonymous with referring to pragmatic wheat beer in the Belgian surroundings. This particular beer, famous throughout the world, is already marks a style within this class. Not even his handling over to the multinational InBev, has affected its great quality.

Hoegaarden wheat beer is a paradigm, one of those beers that has laid the groundwork within a variety. Famous in the whole world of the hand of Pierre Celis, who recovered the old mark and – in a certain way – the Belgian witbiers (white beers), Hoegaarden fell into the hands of the brewing giant InBev. Although, certainly, something has changed in its elaboration, it continues gaining its fame in very good way.

When one serves a bottle of Hoegaarden it quickly meets one of the good symptoms worthy of a wheat beer. Appearance golden and cloudy at the same time, compact, abundant and lasting foam with a meringue shape, an aroma where the acidity of the wheat can be felt, but also certain nuances of citrus and, of course, yeast and its banana and clove smell … Everything goes perfectly….

That soft fruitiness, that acidity, the sweetness with a faint bitterness over the finish, the softness of 4.9 degrees of alcohol. Definitely, a perfect beer to quench thirst in summer and refresh without resigning flavor and characteristics that a good wheat beer should have.