Beafeater Burrough´s Reserve

1480381193_flag_of_united_kingdomBEAFEATER BURROUGH´S RESERVE  43°

Beefeater Burrough’s Reserve was born out of the conviction of its master distiller Desmond Payne that doing things differently can produce extraordinary results. For the creation of this gin, the master distiller wanted to break down barriers and myths in the way of elaboration of the same, considering what would happen if a time of rest in oak barrels was added to the distillation process. Like the great whiskeys or the rum.

The result, an ultra premium gin with citric notes and wood, that is recommended to drink alone so that the palate can perceive the transit of aromas and flavours through which each drink passes. Beefeater Burrough’s Reserve offers a unique formula, carefully and supervised by Desmond Payne, who guarantees that every time the gin and goose gets the time and detail that an exceptional liquor deserves.

For the development of Burrough’s Reserve, Desmond has regained Beefeater’s traditional recipe that was perfected by the founder of the house, James Burrough, in the 1860s. The same ingredients are used and distilled in a historic copper alembic of the 19th century, called “Alembic number 12”.

After the distillation comes the step that reveals the secret of the unmistakable flavour of this new gin: the ageing in select oak barrels of Jean de Lillet, an exceptional vintage of this classic French wine. Its essence, contained in the barrels, reports to Burrough’s Reserve the aroma of wood and citrus notes from the liquor giving it also a liquid gold appearance.