Marham Tonic has its roots in India, the place of creating the tonic. It is a smooth and balanced product that allows to appreciate all the flavours and aromas of the Geneva.

Sir Clements Robert Markham (1830 -1916) was a navigator, botanist, explorer, writer, and English geographer. He had been in Peru and in the Andes and was an expert in the Indies.

He presented to the Commission of Revenue of the Indies a campaign to obtain plants and seeds of chinchona for his plantation in the English Indias. Chinchona bark, a source of quinine, was the first known treatment for malaria and other tropical diseases.

His plans were approved and in 1859 Markham was put in charge of the whole operation. These expeditions were clandestine, under the watchful eye of the natives who wanted to prevent someone from taking their most precious possession.

Clements Markham’s expedition was very uneven. He travelled thousands of miles for a donkey, lied and deceived the natives, had to escape and ended up threatening the premises at the point of a pistol that did not even fire. But he finally succeeded in stealing quinine and introducing it into British Colonial India.

In gratitude for this action, Markham was honoured as a knight, Sir Clements.

Tasting Notes:

Clear and bright, with a fine bubble. A subtle citrus scent with touches of quinine is perceived in the nose. In the mouth it has a clean taste, with a slight characteristic bitterness of quinine, is soft and includes a touch of fresh citrus. Includes a bitter but refreshing finish.

It is recommended to serve Markham cold and with ice. Perfect to combine with the most premium gin, but you can also enjoy it alone.